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Key Bottle Opener

  • Key Bottle Opener
    Key Bottle Opener
    Firebox Review this store Gadgets This Key Bottle Opener from intriguingly-titled designers Suck UK is exactly the same size as an average Chubb deadlock. Guarantees entry into any beer bottle - and it won't feel left out when kept with your other keys. 7.95
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Kitchen Put an end to that all too common phrase 'Why isn't there a bottle opener stuck to this fridge?' with this classic Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet. Magnetically sticks to the front of your fridge and opens any bottle with ease. Ensures that you will always open your beer first time and will never have to search around for a bottle opener in the kitchen again! Kind to your fridge - non-scratch rubber magnet. Stainless steel 125 x 200mm
Gadgets Beer - the ideal refreshment. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise Bottle Opener. Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new kitchens. To seek out pesky bottles. To boldly open what no opener has opened before. Laa-laaaa...
Mens Accessories Authentic army dog tag style multi-tool - absolutely unique - does so much more than meets the eye. Hang it around your neck, on a key ring, or put it in your wallet. Sure to be the most useful fashion accessory. Comprises bottle opener, screwdriver, file, knife, tweezers, and bright LED light. L51 x W29 x D8mm Batteries included.
Kitchen Bottle Bunny wall mounted bottle opener. FINALLY! The real reason for bunnies being blessed with such impressive front teeth comes to light! The bottle bunny is not only very easy on the eye (in a half cute/half eerie Donnie Darko sort of way), but is most pleasant to the touch, and performs an essential function too. Use the screw provided to attach the bottle bunny to a solid wall, and he'll dedicate the rest of his life to pluckily plucking caps off booze bottles.

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