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    Totally Funky Review this store Novelty Gifts Squashed flat book mark. Poor Mark! He has met a sticky end, a squishy end to be more precise, his floppy body trapped within the pages of your book, scrabbling to get out, all the while happily keeping your place. You know, keeping the page of that point in the story where the man gets crushed by a giant encyclopedia. Forget pressed flowers and old receipts, Mark is the future and what else will he do now he’s dead! He's related to Dead Fred, Hanging Harry, Splat Stan and Stress Paul, so is no stranger to tragedy. Made from silicone. 70x125x22mm 7.99
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Novelty Gifts Hanging Harry bathroom light pull made from silicone rubber. You can't help Harry to see the light, it's too late. Harry is already dead! But Harry can help you to switch on your lights. Hangman's noose and 2m of rope included so you don't have to know how to tie your own knots! Just replace the whole cord of your light pull. He's related to Dead Fred, Book Mark, Splat Stan and Stress Paul, so is no stranger to tragedy. 125 x 70 x 20mm
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