Pants Purse - Follow The Wabbit

  • Pants Purse - Follow The Wabbit
    Pants Purse - Follow The Wabbit
    Totally Funky Review this store Womens Accessories Want to stand out from the crowd? Well the next time you go shopping take along this adorable Pants Purse complete with tiny rabbits on the design. The Follow The Wabbit Pants Purse features teeny toadstools, birds and rabbits, making up a super-cool motif perfect for every girl’s handbag. If you’re a discerning trendsetter then embrace the quirky individually of this fashionable and funky purse, designed to look just like a miniature pair of pants. Made from Rip-stop nylon, the Pants Purse can double up as a durable mini makeup bag as well as a useful place to store your pennies. Size approx 7" x 5" 7.99
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Womens Accessories Everyone will want to have a bear on their underwear with this adorable Pants Purse featuring a cute bear design. The Yummy Bear Pants Purse is the ideal gift for the girl who has it all as it’s unique, practical and super-sweet. Whether you use it for keeping cash or makeup in, the Pants Purse is highly durable as it’s made from Rip-stop nylon so your belongings will be safe. It’s worth owning a Pants Purse just to watch the looks of envy from your friends when you bring this purse out on your next shopping trip. Size approx 7" x 5"
Womens Accessories All hail the King of Zion with this gorgeous Pants Purse featuring tiny lions and sunflowers in the design. If money troubles are getting you down then store your pennies in this cheery, pants-shaped purse and you’ll have a smile on your face every time you shop. Ideal as a purse or mini makeup bag, you can stash all kinds of things in this tiny tote including all your essentials for a night on the town. As the Pants Purse is made from Rip-stop nylon it’s highly durable so is a safe place to keep your dough. Size approx 7" x 5"
Womens Accessories Y-fronts have finally made a comeback with this oh-so-cute Pants Purse – the coolest way to stash your cash. Forget the grey coloured Y-fronts of the past, these Pants Purses are retro-chic and bring a touch of 1970s couture to your handbag. The Strawberry Fields design features minute strawberries in pink and red and cheerful smiley faces to brighten up your day. The Pants Purse can be used as a purse for cash or as a mini makeup bag. They are made from durable Rip-stop nylon so the Pants Purse can be a fashionable addition to your handbag for many years. Size approx 7" x 5"
Womens Accessories The glamorous Cutie Coin Purse by Fluff would be a sassy addition to any girl’s handbag. Say bye bye to boring black when it comes to your accessory collection and hello to cute coin chic! Made from faux-leather and measuring 4” x 3.25” this coin purse is small and perfectly formed, with a heart shaped zipper and a frilly trim, you will scream glamour puss when you carry your coins in this purse. The Cutie Coin Purse would be a super sweet present for any of your girlie mates who love their accessories designed with sassy vintage flair.

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