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  • What is a Otamatone ?

    19 July 2010

    The amazing Otamatone is the latest must have from Japan. The Otamatone is shaped like a musical note and is simple to play. Remember Rolf Harris's stylophone that took the world by storm? Well we reckon this is the Stylophone of the future!


    You play the Otamatone with both hands on the neck of the musical note and by taping or sliding your fingers on the neck you can produce amazing tunes simply and by shaking your hand you can produce a vibrato effect. The pitch can also be adjusted by squeezing the face at the bottom of the Otamatone.

    You can change octaves with three options on the bottom rear of the instrument with lo-m-hi settings and also on/off and volume controls. This could well be the must have gadget this summer, not sure if that's a good or bad thing because a flock of kids or adults with these things could well spoil your day it would sound like a swarm of bee's, remember the vuvuzela at the world cup? It could well be just as bad!!

    The only place we have seen it for sale is Firebox:

    firebox otamatone



    Checkout this guy having fun with his Otamatone!

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