• Can't think of what to buy this Christmas?

    06 December 2009

    Your not the only one! It can be a nightmare coming up with what gifts to get people at Christmas. In this day and age lets face most people have everything, and more, they want and most the time gifts find there way to the back of the wardrobe or even worst 'the loft!'

    So the way we see it here at Funky Gifts is that you may as well spread a few smiles and a bit of fun this Christmas. What could be better amongst all those socks and smelly's than a bit of fun to bring some belly laughs out this Xmas. Whether it be some scrumptious desert luggage tags no chance of missing your case going around on that airport carousel if you have these attached to your case! One of my big favourites for this year (hint hint better half) is the great Micro Desktop Racing Set, now not so long ago when I was a little boy I had the marvelous Tamiya Hornet and this little set contains that beast of a buggy albeit smaller! My poor Hornet suffered the same fate as many after doing one too many jumps and the battery melted a few times connected to dads car it gave up the ghost :-(

    If you have one of those wierdo Treky types in the family check this out they'll love it! Star Trek Cologne they can smell like there from another galaxy (if they don't already). Infact while were on the Trekys another great gift and a lot more useful in my book is the Star Trek bottle opener and if you have a load of Trekys talking Trek you will need to make use of a bottle opener many times in an evening! Family if your reading I'm more of a Star Wars type :-) I'm not a wierdo though honest!

    This is the Christmas to get FUNKY with your gifts!

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